We both enjoyed Averill’s visit. She arrived on Mon. afternoon and left on Fri. about 4 PM. We caught up on lots of news and went shopping in Reading. Also took her to Goring and the area around the Thames there.

On Sat. Dave had a reunion with the Halton Apprentices. It was their 40th anniversary of joining the RAF. It was held near Halton at a place called Beaconsfield. We both went along. It seemed really strange – all these middle (?) aged guys who had spent 3 years living together when they where between the ages of 16-19. Dave was quite nervous, I think, wondering what it would be like. It turned out to be fine. I quite enjoyed meeting some of the wives, and of course we all had a lot to drink. Among the guys I spoke to there was a Born-Again Christian and a Muslim. Both had become these later in life. It was interesting to chat with them about their beliefs. We stayed over and came home on Sun.

On Mon. I started to clear the TV room so we can decorate it. So far I have painted part of the ceiling and one wall. Dave is going to build me some bookshelves so we can finally get the books unpacked!!!!






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