Gosh, a lot has happened since I last posted. The wedding in Scotland was great. The neice had married in Dubia in April and this was a blessing and a celebration so all her family could get together. It is a large family and everyone, except Dave’s sister, Agnes and her family who live in Colarado, where there. Some of the men wore Kilts and looked very smart even a little boy was dressed in the kilt. We both had a lovely time meeting everyone, they are a friendly, welcoming family and we felt compleatly at home. Gordon and Maureen, Dave’s brother and sister in law, put us up for the two days we where there and made us very comfortable. The weather too was lovely while we where in Scotland and we had a quick look at the visitor centre around the end of Loch Lomand.

On Sat we drove back down to my Mum and Dad’s, stopping in Lancaster on the way to visit Graham, Bernadette’s boyfriend, who was in hospital suffering from a serious bout of bursitus in his knee, it had become infected and had swollen his whole leg making it impossible to walk and he was in very severe pain. He is at home now but has to go back to the hospital on Tues. He is to take is easy as it could flare up again. This is not good as Graham is self employed.






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