Gosh! It is a while since I posted. I have been busy.

Mum and dad left on Monday 13th. On the 18th Nick Hana and Yvonne stayed overnight as Hana was being dropped off at Yvonne’s sisters on Sunday to spend the week there. We continued with our decorating of the TV room which had been interupted when Mum and Dad come down, finally finishing it in time for some overnight guests on the 22nd Oct. Tony and Heather where on their way back to Australia. Dave had been in the Air force with Tony when they first joined as Apprentices and we had remet them at the Halton Reunion in Sept. which was where I offered them a bed. Unfortunatly Dave was away in Sweden when they stayed but I enjoyed their company. They left early on Thurs. to return the car.

Our TV room looks good, I left the slightly embossed, shiny wallpaper on and painted over it with two shades of green (pale) giving it a colour wash finish, with the plum sofa and curtains and green chair the room looks good. anew carpet is being laid on Monday, in a beige (ugh, but it is neutral) colour. Dave built shelves in there too so I now have somewhere to put all my books.

Am reading About Pepys and his library, I used to know him only as a great diarist but apparently he reformed the Navy and contributed much to collecting books and popular literature of the day. He also underwent a successful operation for a kidney stone in his younger days. Remember no anesthetics, they held you down and tied you up to perform operations and no antiseptics either so lots of people died from shock and infections.






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