OK got the blogger sorted out, that is what enables us to write this log up.

Hey sounds like Star Trek! “Captains log etc. etc……..”

Reg and Valerie spent last Sat night and Sunday morn here. Dave joined the Airforce in 1966 as an airframe Apprentice and while training at RAF Halton he met Reg. Recently their was a reunion of his old entry, 105, and consequently he remet a lot of his old collegues and Reg was one of them. Hence there visit. We had a good time talking over old times, well Dave and Reg did, Valerie and I talked about stuff but we had fun. Must have done because it was 2.30a.m. before we went to bed!!!!! We sure did suffer for it the next day!!!!

Since then I have been preparing for Christmas, made my cake. Also picked some Sloes and stuck them in gin to make sloe gin which won’t be ready untill next Christmas but I enjoyed seeking out the sloes in the headgrows around the back lanes and pricking them with a needle while watching TV!!!!

Speaking of back lanes, we have some beautiful country lanes at the back of my house which we enjoy walking around. However loads of people around here seem to think they are a dumping ground for all sorts of rubbish and the local kids hang out there. Recently I have noticed a large, old, living tree has had a fire set in its base at least twice!!! Where do these people have their heads!!!! No one has any respect for anything here and that is sad.

I am off to my reading group shortly to discuss “The Hammer of God” a Fr. Brown short story which we have been reading. We are to read “The Power and the Glory” next, not really looking forward to it but, hay, it is literarture and I might even like it, although I don’t really like Greene.






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