Hi! I am fed up!!! It is very grey and Novemberish at the moment, which dosen’t help the mood.

Dave went to Taiwan on Tues. eve. He should return on 30th Nov. early in the morning. He forgot his high blood pressure pills!!!! Men! The courier screwed up delivering them but he managed to see a doctor to get some more prescribed.

Someone asked about Charles. Far be it for me to spread, gossip but check out the web if you want to know more.

Now into reading “The Power and the Glory” which isn’t helping with my depression; why do I find Greene so depressing? It is set in Mexico near the Yucatan Penninsula, and Quintana Roo where we used to go on holiday, but this is all inland in the jungles.

Trying to get my Christmas gifts wrapped up (in both senses of the word!) so the spare room is strewn with paper etc. Also involved with sewing projects and jewelry making. As you can imagine, it is quite a mess. I am sure that adds to my depression, why can I not keep things tidy? I lost the van key for two days this week – turns out it was in my makeup bag, no idea how it got there!!!!

We have had Bush here visiting Tony. Cost a fortune in security arrangements, cannot see why they could not have had a conference call instead. After all, that is what computers etc. are for, isn’t it? He could have had a virtual-reality state visit. In fact, do we really need a person as President? Why not just have a virtual one? Dosen’t this sound like a script for a movie? !!!!

Think I had better sign off. “Ship’s log for 21st November 4103!”






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