I know it’s a day late, but Merry Christmas to you all! I hope you had a lovely day with your families.

Ours was nice. I think it’s the first all-green Christmas I’ve experienced in Canada. In earlier years, it always snowed – even if it was on Christmas day itself. This year? Nothing.

I really think the song that goes “Well, the weather outside is frightful” is filled with such irony now. It’s never frightful on Christmas Eve/Day anymore. It’s never even mildly “bad”. It’s just boring. I mean come on, if it’s going to be cold – it should at least be snowing! In any case, it’s just a huge indication of how bad the greenhouse effect has become in recent years.

Today we’re off to Sue and Roy’s for a second Christmas dinner, and tomorrow we’re having Mike’s family over for a buffet-style Christmas get together. We’ve got a movie trivia game to play, and Cranium (if the kids will play with us), so it should be fun!






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