Happy New Year to everyone.

I have just returned from Christmas in Canada and have started work again. Trish is still over there until the 13th of January, visiting Montreal at present, then Ottawa.

We had a great time over there, though it went all too quickly, as usual. Spent lots of time with Christina and with old friends. Christmas day we spent in Christina’s house, just the 3 of us (Mike was off visiting relatives in the US) and the cat. New year’s eve we went to the Mississauga Scottish club “do” with the “Bells”, which I proceeded to ruin by having a nose bleed (nose flood more like it) and ending up in the hospital emergency department shortly after midnight. No major deal, just the dry air taking its toll, but a pain for the friends we were staying with, for sure.

Trish was disappointed in the extreme with the weather though. Nothing but rain, though quite cold, most of the time while we were there. Trish wanted to get some x-country skiing in but it was not to be. Trish did arrive to snow, but it didn’t last.

I am back at work already, though it looks like my work will be exclusively Asia-based from here forward. We are presently signing a large contract in Korea, and have been selected for another project in Thailand. Along with my Taiwan project that lot should keep me busy. Not sure yet what that means about our residence though. All of the design work for these jobs gets done in Sweden, so we may be able to stay resident here in the UK, and work from a suitcase (yuk). Hopefully, if that is the case, then we shall try to at least be able to travel together periodically, so that Trish can see some more of Asia.

Christina is back in school this week, and I am sure is pleased to have her house back to herself (mostly) now.

Hope 2004 is a great year for everyone.

Love to all our readers,







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