Right, here I am again.

Since I have returned from Canada I am settling down ok, despite the rain which we apparently need in order to avert a drought in the summer!!!!

My flight out to Canada was great, even though it was delayed 4 hrs, because I was upgraded to business class – very enjoyable. Christina and Susan met me in Toronto. Susan had been earlier with Justina because they didn’t know I was delayed. It was lovely to see them both and it was even snowing for my arrival. Little did I know, the snow was not to last.

My first week I spent getting over jet lag, taking Christina shopping, visiting friends and enjoying being back in Canada. Everyone really seemed pleased to see me.

I stayed with Joanne and her family for 3 nights which was great fun. It was very kind of Katie to give up her bed for me! We had a ball at a house party doing Karaoke. Alana would have been a star!

More later.






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