I am determined to catch up with this. If I owe you an email, please be patient.

Susan held a welcome back party for me, which was lovely. Joy invited me to a wedding shower for Dianne. Who would want to leave?

Dave should have arrived on the 20th but decided to take a later flight after British Airways offered him money to fly a day later! Joy had arranged to have a dinner to welcome us both on the 21st – Christina and I went and were able to persuade Dave to come along for a little while. I think he was pleasantly surprised by

how he was welcomed back.

Preparations for Christmas began in earnest after Dave arrived. I had taken Christina and Mike to cut down a tree just after I arrived and they had decorated it, so the place looked Christmasy. Mike’s grandparents had supplied a turkey, which I am sure they are still eating!!!

Christmas Eve we went to Midnight Mass with Christina and then after we were invited back to Justina’s where we found a feast prepared. It was delicious and we enjoyed ourselves.

To be continued….






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