We celebrated Chinese New Year on Sat night. Dave made a delicious meal – the soup would have been good but he was going to strain the bits out of the stock so he took the colander and placed it in the sink, then he poured the soup into it – he was left with the bits and no soup!!! He nearly cried!!! It was funny the next day but the poor guy had spent ages getting the soup just right.

We have been having weather warnings about cold, snowy weather for the last week. It was all supposed to happen this week, but so far, nothing!!! It is the usual boring mildish weather!!!

Christmas continued:

Susan had a few friends over to her house the first Sat. I was there. It was lovely to see her and I am very proud of her.

Christmas day we vegged out. Dave did most of the cooking and we read and played a silly game as well as watched TV. It was a different kind of Christmas, but fun to be in Christina’s house.

Boxing Day, we went to Sue’s where we had a lovely dinner that Sue had cooked. John also came home for a visit.

On the 27th, Mike came back from a trip to visit relatives in the States with his grandparents. His family came over for a visit and buffet food. Somehow we all fit in Christina’s small house.

Dave and I went back to Joanne’s on the 29th when Paul’s family were over for their Christmas visit. We stayed until the 31st. It was fun spending time with Paul’s family and the kids too, we had some good laughs. They made us feel part of the family.






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