Captain’s log. Star Date: now.

Christmas continued:

New Year’s Eve we went to Geri and Ian’s as we were going to a dinner dance organized by the Scottish Club of Mississauga. It was lovely and we would have had a good time except for Dave’s nose bleed. The poor guy, spent most of the evening in the washroom bleeding over the toilet. Ian accompanied him a lot of the time.

Once Ian remarked in a loud voice, while Dave was washing his face after a prolonged bleed, “Next time, leave my wife alone”!!!! Amusing to think what the other guy in the washroom thought at the time!

When Dave was still getting nose bleeds at midnight we decided to take him to the hospital. He was only allowed one person with him in the emergency area. We had to wear face masks not because of SARS, but because their was a lot of flu going around. Anyway, we were finally seen about 2:15am and the Dr. didn’t seem to be really concerned or interested in doing much about the bleeding. In the end he stuck a wad of gauze up Dave’s nose and said that should stop it.

Meanwhile, I had been to the main part of the hospital, where Ian and Geri were waiting, to tell them they should go home. It turned out Geri had got annoyed with some other people waiting and Ian had had to move her out of their way (Geri and I had managed to have a few drinks at the party and where quite merry).

Anyway, they went home and we finally got back to Ian’s house at 3:30am.

Dave didn’t sleep very well because his nose was now bleeding down the back of his throat. He put up with it for most of New Year’s Day but in the end decided he had to return to the hospital.

On New Year’s Day hospitals are usually busy and this one was no exception!!! He finally got back to Geri’s at 8:30pm. The new doctor had cauterised it this time and stuck a huge wad of bandage up his nostril and told him he had to have it removed in 48hrs time. He would be in England then, so would go to the hospital there.

It spoilt his New Year but I had a good visit with Geri and Ian, and Christina came over too. Certainly a memorable time!! His nose has been fine since.

On Friday I spent a lovely day in Tadley at a Women’s World Day of Prayer Conference. I went with two other women from the WWDofP group that organizes Reading’s contribution. I joined this group last year and have now been given the job of taking the minutes at the meetings which only happen about 3 times a year.

The conference was to help us with this year’s prayers, prepared by the women of Panama. It was a very confirming time, women from a variety of Christian denominations all praying and learning together… we got on fine, why do the men have a problem? Leave it to the women I say, we would have a united church in no time!!!!






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