We finally did it! Dave knocked the wall down yesterday!

Our dining room was originally the kitchen of this house, consequently, because it was originally built in the early ’50’s, it had a larder in the corner. We decided to get rid of it to make more room. First we washed the carpet, then took it up in strips as we hope to recycle it on the stairs, then Dave set to with a crow bar and sledgehammer. I am left to clear the mess as Dave is in Sweden this week.


Dave was feeling much better on my birthday and we went out for breakfast with Geri, Ian and Tristan. In the evening we went over to Jackie and Charles’ house for a lovely Indian meal which they ordered in because Jackie wasn’t feeling too well and with Dave’s nose was huge and covered in gauze. We had a much nicer time staying at Jackie’s. It was the first time we had seen their apartment and it is lovely, big and has good views.

To be continued….






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