This is the third time I have attempted to update this log!!! First time, I gave up because Dave came home. Second time we had a power cut, lets hope this time I will succeed.

I have not posted for awhile because I went up to my Mum and Dad’s for 10 days, in order to help them clear out a house of one of Mum’s cousins.

Dorothy died early in January and apparently left no will. As mum is the nearest living relative in England she was asked to see to the funeral and sort out Dorothy’s things. It was an interesting experience. Dorothy was an only child who’s marriage produced no children, she loved all animals and at the end was sharing her home with a dog and a cat, they where both taken to the animal rescue and hopfully will find a home. Dorothy also liked to smoke, a lot, and disliked cleaning. She was 82 when she died. We planed on staying in the house while we sorted it out but then Mum’s brother and sister-in-law helped us out by offering Mum and I a bed at their house, which was greatly appreciated. Dad stayed in Dorothy’s house. The house is in the Wirrel, an area I haven’t explored much and I was pleasantly surprised, it is an area bordering the sea with some very large Victorian style houses. Moreton, West Kirby, Hoylake, all intersting places.

We visited Hoylake and found the very house where mum and her sister, Bernadette had lived for a time with Dorothy and her parents. They stayed there for 18 months just after their mother had died. It was easier for their Dad to go to work thinking they where not alone, he worked at night as a Cinema manager. The fact we explored the area a little made the whole experience quite pleasant. Mum has had quite a job of it though.

Christmas: Yes I am still on about that!!!

Dave left on 3rd January and I set off for Montreal on the 5th. I stayed with Jean who keeps well and still enjoys entertaining. She organised a lunch time gathering of some of the CWL (Catholic women’s League) members I knew when I was living in Montreal. Lovely to see them all and new faces too. It was also great to spend time with Denise and Phil and Kirsten and Nicholas and be treated to a lovely meal cooked by Denise. I also managed to get to see Betty while I was here, she looks well and family is doing great. I even saw James who is Christina’s age.

I left on Wed. late afternoon and went to Ottawa where I stayed with Sue and Brian.

to be continued………..






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