Captain’s Log, stardate… er… whatever.

I have started to take the wallpaper off the dining room walls. Trouble is, being ADD, I cannot stay doing it for long, so I hop about doing other things like blogging and emailing and ironing and unblocking drains and washing and reading.

Christmas… again!

It was great to see Sue and Brian again, both looked well and seemed very happy to see me. Talked about “stuff” and looked at photos of The Wedding. Their son, Simon, was married to his long-time girlfriend, Christina, in August 2003. Sounded like it went really well despite a major power cut and mix-up with dress suits. Sue looked like a million dollars, so slim and beautiful.

Thurs., I went to visit Karen and Mike for the day. They run a daycare in their home. It was lovely to see them both, and also Laura, Karen’s 20 year old daughter. Mark, her son, was at work. Karen and I were able to catch up because Mike took over the kids. Karen has a very rare illness that affects her balance but she keeps cheerful. Mark is working at a co. selling surgical appliances so she is able to get sticks, walkers etc. at a reasonable price. It was great to see them.

After Sue finished at school, she, Brian and I took off for downtown in the hopes of seeing the Dead Sea Scrolls in the Museum of Civilization. Unfortunately, the museum was closed for cleaning. I guess they found a time when they thought it would be quiet to close (all week). Ahh well.

Instead, we visited Simon and Christina, who live in downtown Ottawa, and it was more enjoyable than the Dead Sea Scrolls, I am sure!!!

They have done a lot to their house since I last saw it in the summer of 2002. They are even upstairs in the bedroom now and the new bathroom was almost complete. They bought an old house and have pretty well gutted the whole place – they are very resourceful and will have something to be proud of, I am sure. After our visit we went to a lovely Portuguese restaurant around the corner from Simon’s. It was almost completely empty (because it was so cold?) – perfect for us, and the food and drink were wonderful.

It was freezing cold while I was in Montreal and Ottawa: -25C(windchill of -40C)!

To be cont’d….






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