I keep getting nagged for not doing this – boy I wish my day job would go away!

I have been away a lot in the weeks, again. Not to Asia, as I thought, but to Sweden.

We won the contract in Korea, which will be engineered out of Sweden, and I have been helping out over there with that. Then the boss realized that my Taiwan contract was in dire straits because the generic product R&D was going to be late again (Sweden too) so I have had to jump back in there full time as well.

I’m not complaining though – have to pay the bills some how.

In between times I have managed a few weekends back at home, where the mem-sahib is keeping me busy, as you can see from her diary (garden and decorating).

The turn of the season is upon us again, and everything is growing like crazy here. I remember how stunned I was last year, and it’s the same this year. Lots of blossom on the early blooming trees and crocuses and snowdrops everywhere. The horseriders that pass the front of the house have let their nags eat our bluebells again. Either that or the deer do it in the dead of night. The 2 small deer have been at our new back gate several times, and Trish even caught them in our garden once. Heaven knows how they got in – never did find the hole in the fence.

Had a day on a train today – lunch meeting up in Derby. Through the midlands I was struck by all the lifeless power stations! It seems that all the generators left here have converted from coal to oil now. I was under the impression that the UK had HUGE coal reserves, but what do I know? Maybe they are saving it until the oil runs out. Can North Sea oil be used for power? I understood that it was too rich for that type of fuel. Surely we can’t be at the mercy of the gulf again? I guess I should look into that (just interested). When I studied power generation, Nuclear power was still the preferred option.

Well, gotta go – she who must be obeyed has discovered that I am lolligagging somewhere and is calling.






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