Spring ‘as sprung,

the grass is riz


Already things in the garden are beckoning, and yet we now have a real backlog of work in the house to get done before the visiting season starts. Hopefully, we will have a new dining room and upstairs bathhroom by the time we get to Easter, and will also be able to get the veggies and flowers going in the garden at the same time. Maybe we can get some of the visitors to help?

My personal situation at work just seems to drift on. There is supposed to be some sort of re-org soon, but it has been 2 weeks away for about 3 months now and everyone is getting frustrated with the way things are at present, which is confusing us all (everyone seems to be getting asked to do other peoiple’s job’s!). I am the one least affected in reality. Presently I have only my Taiwan project to look after, and since there is already a full time project management team on that I am driving them crazy by meddling too deep in their daily lives. The project in Korea is kicking off too slowly, with half of it assigned elsewhere, and my “potential” half not ready for the hand over from sales yet. The Project in Thailand is also not signed yet, and the President is still holding us off from spending money on that (rightly so – this negotiation has been going on for over 2 years now), despite the customer asking us to get on with it. We are waiting for them to sign a legally binding document before we put too much effort into it. Still, the sales team appear to be happy enough spending a week per month in Bangkok!!

I have spent a few days every one of the past 6 weeks in Stockholm, and will go again this week. Then next week I am planning on being in Taiwan for a week. After that let’s see what April brings (apart from showers).

The last week of March I will take off as vacation, and Trish and I have booked 2 days in a Sheraton in London on my hotel points. We are planning on seeing a play while up there, and generally seeing the sights and visiting old haunts. Quite looking forward to that trip down memory lane.

Christina is still coming for 3 weeks in April – YEAH.

Bernadette and Graham and 5 kids are also coming for a week in April (Graham is going to do our upstairs bathroom – finally getting a shower in there). Quite looking forward to that too. Don’t fret – they will bring a caravan and 3 of the kids will sleep in that. Bet we had you guessing there eh?

Time to go to work now.






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