Ugh, I really dislike losing an hour to the clock change. It’s very annoying – I was lying in bed lazily this morning, thinking I had all the time in the world. Then I got up and looked at my computer clock and saw it was actually 12:10 PM!!! Nooo, I thought. It feels like half the day is over now.

Anyway, enough complaining. Though school is officially over, I still have work to do. I have a video project due Monday, a Flash project due Friday, then an essay and some summaries due the Wednesday after. Two days later, I’m off to England for three weeks! And before then, I also have to find time to work a bit more for some clients and hunt for jobs.

I have to go see Return of the King in the theatre again before it disappears. It’s been my yearly tradition to see it twice in theatres, the second time usually around now. Must fit that in somewhere – maybe I’ll go on Tuesday.






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