Soon after classes and assignments finished in April, I went to England for three weeks to see my parents and do my internship at a design firm.

It was a really great experience, and I got to see all of dad’s side of the family, and some of mum’s. We went to London where we shopped on Portobello rd, saw Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and The Globe Theatre, and went on the London Eye.

The internship was good, I got along great with all the employees and they liked me a lot also. I was given chocolates, wine and money as a (huge) thank-you at the end of it. They’ve also told me to call them in future if I happen to go back to England after I graduate.

I’m now back in Canada, and have been for almost two weeks now. The Monday after I got back, I had an interview at school, and they offered me the position later that day. I have since been working every weekday, and it’s going well. I’m doing web design with a team of 6 other students, all around my age, and we all get along well. We don’t have a lot of work to do yet, but apparently it really picks up when it does get going.

I’m just gearing up for a relaxing and party-filled long weekend. It should be fun – I’m really looking forward to it!






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