Happy Canada Day!

I decided it was high time for what has become my monthly update. Except I seem to have missed june entirely… I can’t believe how quickly the time flew by!

Work has become more hectic, which I quite enjoy. The people are great too, I think I can safely say the environment is even better than Kodak last year (I thought that would be hard to beat).

(I’m looking for Canada Day e-cards for my parents, but it seems most of them are just the flag, animated, with some static background – how boring!)

Today I’m going to Joy’s for a bbq, which should be nice. I also have lots of work to do before I go, however!

My plans for this weekend include a party Friday night, and possibly seeing Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (there are so many good movies to see now!). In two weeks, I’m going to a three-day music festival, and then in August I’m going to Boston for a weekend to see the Lord of the Rings exhibit! I’m really looking forward to that, should be loads of fun.

Must be off. Lots to do!






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