The “3 weeks on – 1 week off” in Bangkok appears to be taking its toll. The last 2 times I have been home I got sick just after arrival (1st time was food poisoning – from a motorway sauasage roll in the UK would you believe; and the 2nd was a nose bleed – more like a flood). Anyway, having spent a good portion of both those weeks recovering one has to wonder if air travel is really getting beyond me, or if there is something else? Let’s see what my next home visit brings, eh?

The last trip home was full of interesting aspects. The day after I arrived we seemed to start filling the house with females. By mid-week I was living among 5 of them, and not one of them a traditional female where the male in their presence counts for anything – other than a convenient servant. Also, why is it women start talking before they wake up; and how come 5 of them can all talk at the same time, often in different conversations. Am I going mad, or what – certainly the place resembled more of a looney bin than anything else. I even decided to add to my self-inflicted purgatory by joining them some days on their trips out!!!!

Our visitors are / were:

The Freer females (3 of the 4 anyway – where were you Katie (that would have REALLY made my day)?, and Dawn Wintour, coming out of 5 months isolation in southern Sweden and heading off for a month back-packing around Europe (lucky lady!).

In reality though it was nice to show our visitors some new and exciting things on their first visits to the UK, and to be able to help someone launch their expedition around Europe. We had some good laughs – it hurt sometimes (maybe it was paranoia on my part:-}? ).

Boy did the week go quickly though!

So now I’m back in BKK and it’s the weekend. The week was busy as we had another of those big meetings at the end of the week. Today is “down time” day, hence catching up on the family page with this “blog”. This afternoon I plan to go explore the newly opened Metro, and look over BKK a little, and spend my hour at the pool. Good, eh? Hope the daily rain storm holds off till this evening.






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