Just had another week at home. This time I had 2 days up in London, to get my long term Visa for Thailand sorted out. Trish was with me for one day, just in case she needed to be there at the passport office. It turned out not to be necessary, but we had a nice day as tourists in London anyway. Did the science museum, and sat a while in Kensington gardens. Ended the day at a bistro type restaurant near the “Angel” (Islington) and had a great plate of moules. My second trip was only half a day really, but I ended up close to Buck House and caught the end of the changing of the guards, then sat for 15 mins in St James’ park at lunch time – people watching.

Things are starting to ease up on the work front in BKK. Down to about 10 hour days now, so it is manageable, and I have had a few more hours at the w/e’s to myself. Visited a night market a couple of weeks ago, on a Sunday. Very interesting – lots of stuff and some great stalls full of Thai craft and other useful things. I didn’t get in too close as I want to see it better when Trish is there. Just wanted to verify that it is worth a repeat visit while I had the time.

I have found somewhere for us to live; an apartment in a brand new building. 3 Bedrooms, so lots of room for visitors for any of you out there that can make it. The complex itself has a pool, exercise room and sauna, tennis and squash, snooker and ping-pong, as well as an entertainment room with Karaoke!!! They are also building a spa in the grounds for those of you that like a massage.

We are now busy making arrangements for the final stage before relocation. We are contacting the movers, and the premises maintenance people. All looks good so far ready for our departure on 6 Sept.. Trish is planning a long stay back here in Dec / Jan, and I will be here for 2 weeks over Christmas, then it will be 15 – 18 months solid out there. Lots to do though; just have to find the time to do it.






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