Well looks like I opened a can of worms. Smelt gas as I went to the mailbox so I called the gas co. and someone came to check and found a leak at the end of my driveway. The workmen are still there at 10:10p.m. I guess it must be difficult to locate. Bit of a shame for the neighbours as they are using a pneumatic drill and it is noisy.

I actually blogged yesterday but it wouldn’t let me post it until today that is why it looks like I have done two entries today.

Joanne and Alana and Marisa where here for 3 weeks in June/July. As you already know because of Joanne’s letter which was very good, you should write my entries more often!

We had a ball, laughed a lot, at silly things we did. We saw loads of sights; too many for the girls but, oh boy, are they knowledgeable about castles and abbeys and such like! Alana is an excellent Punter, Marisa takes a mean photograph and Joanne could probably be trusted to drive in England after realising that Rounderbouts don’t just work on luck alone!

I missed them when they left not least because it meant Thailand was getting nearer!

Dawn also passed through at the start of Joanne’s visit. She was going on a trip around Europe after working for 4 months at Ikea in Sweden. Dawn left some of her stuff here while she traveled and picked it up on her return. She had a great trip except for loosing her backpack with loads of gifts and all her clothes on a train in Holland.

Think they may have stopped drilling now, the gas men, so I might go to bed!






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