It’s summer crunch-time. Two more weeks left before school starts, and I have lots of work to finish up before I can call my summer complete.

I’ve just, finally, completed three websites I’ve been working on all summer. It feels really good to be at this point! I have a couple more I have to focus on before school starts, however, before I can be satisfied with my four months off.

I learned what my topic for my final major projects in fourth year design will be – CIRCULATION. For this, I have to write a research report and proposal for the first week of classes. I think I’ll be doing that during my 1 week off before they start, most likely. I have some ideas but I don’t particularly like the subject (last year was space – personal, external, whatever – far more exciting to me).

This weekend I am going to Boston to see the Lord of the Rings exhibit. I went to the Two Towers one two years ago, but this one will cover all three movies. I’m looking forward to it – I hope there’s time to enjoy it (it’s a timed/guided tour through everything).

Hope everyone is well and that your summers have been fun and fruitful!






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