August bank holiday Monday; so I guess the summer is finally over. What a strange year this has been!

I am currently at home again, this time to close up the house and drag “wiffy” off back to Asia with me. I say drag because I get the distinct impression she is not exactly overjoyed about this. F’rinstance, yesterday we were at the local village fair-cum-show, and it was freezing; yet Trish was wandering around telling everyone she was “boiling”. I guess that once we are in BKK she will not leave the air conditioned apartment? That should save me a fortune, provided she doesn’t get into on-line shopping! Maybe I will be able to retire after this assignment after all?

I have 2 weeks at home this time. One week preparing for the move (mostly house and garden maintenance) and then a week of holiday when we are both going to spend 4 days in a hotel in London. We have tickets for tea at the Queen’s place (Buck house) and plan to see a show, then just mooch around London taking in places that we have not seen before, or perhaps haven’t seen for ages. We leave for BKK on the 6th.

The house is almost ready for us to vacate. Last week we packed up the few things that we are taking with us, and showed the maintenance / security people over the place. This week we get the monitored alarm system installed. Meanwhile we now have the replacement roof on the dormer at the rear completed, and the brick pavement (replacing peameal pebbles) done in the car port, and I have cleared out all of the gutters that were backed up and giving us drainage problems in this year of the rains here in the UK.

Things are starting to settle down at work in BKK. I have got the work day down to about 10 hours now, and just have to add a few hours at the w/e to keep up. Hopefully, this month will see it come down to an even more basic week of about 40 hours or so, and then I will be able to do some sight seeing with Trish. We have started signing up our spare bedrooms out there already, so anyone wanting to visit, please let us know. We have lots of space, but also have lots of people expressing interest in visiting (just hope some of y’all make it).

My final act before we set off will probably be to get all the Christmas stuff down out of the attic, ready for Trish to put up when she comes back at the beginning of December, for Christmas. She plans to be here for 6 weeks then – me for 2 of those. I just hope she doesn’t suggest that we put them up before we leave (you all know Trish eh?).

Gotta go – next missive from BKK I expect.






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