Well hello!

We are here, in Thailand, City of Angels, hot and hummid with aromas of petrol fumes as well as lemon grass and ginger coming from the road side food stalls. The sidewalks are all broken and have loose paving stones so you have to walk looking down in case you fall. The traffic is amazing, you take your life into your hands everytime you cross the road, the bikes are the worset, weaving in and out of the cars, they come at you out of nowhere.

We arrived at 6am local on Tues 7th Sept. We flew with Thai Airlines, lovely flight, one of the films was Harry Potter which I had already seen with Bernadette and the boys, but other films where good too. Read a lot and slept a little in the 12 hrs it took to get here. Thank goodness for business class!

We have been staying in the Davis Hotel as Dave has been very busy this week with work. Dave stayed here while he was out here on his own. It is a nice hotel and lovely and cool!!!

We move into our apartment tomorrow, I have been to see it and it is lovely, but huge, once I get my stuff it will look more like home. We have a car and driver tomorrow so once we move in we will go shopping for all the little appliances we need like toaster, kettle etc. The voltage her is 220. We will also buy some food. Normaly we will not have the use of a car so this is a good opportunity. Dave will go to work in a taxi and if I want to go anywhere I shall do the same or use the subway (new) or water taxis.

I am hoping to meet the Swedish family who have moved into the same apartment block, they are our age with 3 daughters age 16-21. Two of the daughters are with them the youngest didn’t want to leave her school and friends so is living with her friends family for now to see how it works out.

It all seems very strange still, being here, I cannot quite believe what is happening, I know I will settle down soon. At least I am looking forward at the moment.

Will blog again when we get our computer up and running.






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