I have been in Bangkok 11 days today!

It is still very hot, but I might be coping with it better, or maybe I am just enjoying the air conditioning!!!

Moved into our apartment on Sat., it has a big living/dining area, three bedrooms and a kitchen off those. It is very comfortable and has two TVs, a DVD/CD player, a washing machine as well as the usual furniture. We have bought a vacuum cleaner, kettle, toaster, iron and board. We are going to a great outdoor market tomorrow to pick up stuff like vases and garbage bins – also hope to get a computer. I am using the one in the lobby of the apartment, available to residents.

I have met Eva and her family. They invited us to dinner last Sat. night and I have seen her a few times since. She is very nice and is showing me around a little.

Dave has been busy again this week but the people who where here left last night so he was home a little earlier and we went swimming which is great. it goes dark here between 6:30 and 7pm but the pool is flood lit untill 10pm and it was warmer out than in the water. When you got out you dried very quickly even though it was dark! The coolest it has been here since I came was about 25C and that is early in the am. It is still hummid though so doesn’t feel that cool.

The washing is hung to dry on the kitchen balcony and it dries very fast even when it is raining (their is an overhang fronm the balcony above).

I miss my dishwasher though!!!

Will write more later, slowly getting used to it!!!!!






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