A *wave* hello across the world

I’m getting into the swing of things with school and working regularly (part-time) at the same place I worked at in the summer. I’m having a good time on weekends (and sometimes during the week), too, so things are going well. I think I’m even becoming less of a slave to the computer! Imagine that!

I’ve noticed a larger sense of disconnection since my parents moved to Bankok. I didn’t think it would make much of a difference, considering they’re already not here. However, they haven’t got their computer up and running yet, and that extra 6 hours time difference means we’re rarely up at the same time. They usually have to call right before they’re going to bed on a weekend, and my opportunities to call them during the week are slim to none. I do have international calling activated on my cell phone, but that’s really more for emergencies than anything else!

It’s not a terrible thing, it’s just another adjustment (I’m not mad at you, nor do I hate you, Mum and Dad!!). I am almost 23, so I suppose these things happen to people my age anyway. And besides, they’re always with me in my thoughts, and we do keep in touch by email every few days. It’s just odd knowing they’re not a 5 hour flight away anymore. They’re more like a 12 hour flight away – very strange! Imagine we were in a Star Trek world and we were lightyears apart! The sense of disconnection one would feel (to home, to Earth, let alone the people you love) would be immense.

Don’t take this the wrong way – it’s not weighing heavily on me, and I’m not depressed or anything. It’s just a thought that crossed my mind today so I thought I’d write about it.

Take care, all.






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