Finally starting to settle down here in Bangkok. It’s now almost 3 weeks since Trish and I arrived here together, and 2 weeks since we moved into the apartment. Our stuff arrived from the UK just over a week ago, and we are surprised how little of it there is – it didn’t make a dent on this cavern that we live in. Still, that means that Trish can concentrate on shopping to fill the place up eh?

Last weekend we did indeed go shopping, and we visited this HUGE outdoor (but covered) market here called Chattuchak. A fascinating place with lots of great deals. Our first buy was a new pair of Birkenstocks each (genuine – really) at £3 / $7.50 a pair. Not bad eh? The only limiting factor on our shopping was our capacity to carry the stuff. Anyway, after 3 hours we gave up, loaded down of course, but largely because we were literally melting.

This weekend we have had our first party here. Last night we had a BBQ down on the 4th floor roof pool patio, jointly with our Swedish neighbour, a guy that I work with. We invited some other people from the apartment building and some from outside – 15 of us in all. Quite a success, except for the scare when it started raining right as I was lighting the BBQ. It passed over though, and we ran from about 7 till midnight, with a swim for most of us around 11. Very nice.

Now we are off to do our weekly shopping after spending the last couple of hours finishing the clean-up, to be followed by a nice leisurely rest of the Sunday, perhaps even another swim.

What a life eh? It’s a lousy job, but someone’s gotta do it!

Just in case you need it, here are our contact details out here:

77 Soi Sukhumvit 39

Apartment 10D

Sukhumvit Road

Klongton Nua


Bangkok 10110


Tel #: Country Code 66 – 2 662 6051






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