I have a computer, wonderful. I am up and running, or will be as soon as I get my old email downloaded and my add book. Meanwhile I will content myself with blogging!

We went to Chattuchak market the other week, what an experience!!! Although I remember going before in 1990, this time we saw a lot more. It is extremely hot and sweaty even though we got there at 10am. We picked up a few things we needed for the apartment and Dave and I both got a pair of “Birkenstock” sandles for about $5 pair!!! We still only saw a tiny portion of the market so we have to return later. We also went to this amazing Plaza (indoors this time) which has everything electronic you can imagine, I was able to convert my cell to a Thai system and we bought a flat screen for the computer as well as other stuff Dave needed. Everything was a brilliant price including the DVD of recent movies!!!

We have both joined The Canadian Club, a group which organizes events and outings throughout the year. I went to a porcelain factory outlet last week where they had some brilliant deals on dishes. I bought some for the apartment as we didn’t bring enough, it was 80% cheaper than in the stores. The next event is a Thanksgiving Ball

on 16th Oct. with Turkey and all the trimmings, should be good. Any money they make goes to charity. I may get involved with the British or not cannot decide yet.

I have found a dressmaker and so far am getting some 3/4 pants made when I see how they fit I will get more. None of the clothes in the stores fit me, Thais are tiny people and the largest clothes are size 20 which is 16 UK and 14 Canadian!

Yesterday I had an adventure. I decided my hair badly needed cutting but you want to go to a hairdresser which is recommended as not all know how to cut a “Farang’s” hair. I saw in the “Bangkok Guide” (expats bible) where there was a reasonably priced one so I determined to find it. It wasn’t too far from home, I took a taxi to the BTS (Skytrain) and went two stops then I started to walk down this road which it said it was on, after a 15 minute walk in 33oC temps I came to a small shopping plaza with a creperie where I decided to have a coffee and lunch and a cool down in the aircon. I also asked if they knew where the hairdressers was I was heading for. They said it was down the road more and was too far for me to walk (too hot) but not quite far enough for a taxi. They suggested I use a motorbike. (Motorbikes are available here to hire to go anywhere, they are able to weave in and out of the traffic, thus avoiding jams but are also notorious for being a little dangerous!) After some thought I walked towards the group of motorbikes waiting for riders in the plaza car park and asked how much 15bt.=20p=50c. I hoped on the back (not side saddle)and we whizzed off down the road, we drove down the middle of a 4 lane road for a while then got over to the middle of the 2 lanes going in one direction, I was holding on, for dear life, to the bar at the back of the passenger seat while also trying to make my knees disappear into the sides of the bike in an attempt not to get them ripped off by the close proximity of the cars on either side. All this while furtively praying that I would live long enough to get my hair cut!!!! After what seemed a lifetime but was in fact about 7 mins. We reached our destination and I gave the driver 20bt (Bart is the Thai currency) because I was so grateful to still be alive!!! After that the hair cut was no big deal. It turned out ok, cost me 735bt=10pound=25$ plus tip for a wash and cut. I shall go there again but next time I will take a taxi all the way.






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