We have now been here just over 4 weeks! Is that ALL! I seem to have done so much and felt so much it seems much longer!

Today I went to a Well Woman’s Workshop put on by the Bangkok Breast Cancer support Group. All the money raised goes towards this group which is made up of mostly volunteers. The workshops were good, I went to one on the Menopause (Guess I have to finally acknowledge that I am probably post menopausal), very helpful, one on using weights to excersize with and one on Living Abroad. I met lots of other women, which is always good, and shared some experiences. It was a very well organised event and for the entrance fee (about 15pounds or $35) we got a bag full of goodies given by the sponsers.

I picked up my pants from the dressmaker and they are fine but since then I have been shown where to buy good priced fabric and taken to a Thai taylor who charges a quarter of the price! I have ordered 3 pairs of pants and two blouses! Dave has also ordered his first hand made suit!!! He needs one for the Thanksgiving ball we are going to on the 16th Oct and he dosen’t have one here, it is costing 10,000Bt. About130-150pounds which for a hand made suit is good, he gets a silk/cotton shirt thrown in too!

Dave’s brother and girlfriend are arriving tomorrow for a swift 5 day visit! They are coming from Britain. Gordon has always wanted to visit Bangkok so even if he only has a short time he figures it will be worth it. Hope so.

Eva and Mariel and I went for a Thai foot massage on Monday. that was an interesting experience, it lasted an hour and you sit on a lounger in a darkened room with quite music while first one foot then the other is massaged and not just the foot but up the leg to the knee, I almost fell asleep, very relaxing and my feet felt great after.

I have been trying to catch up with emails since then. I will get you eventually!

We had an interesting dinner last night, called a Hot Pot, ours consisted of 3 varietys of meat (because I cannot eat shrimp etc. we cannot have fish) and lots of different vegies all cooked at the table in a pot filled with a boiling stock. You leave it to cook for a few minutes then tuck in, it is delicious if somewhat hot sitting over a steaming cooking pot!

It is still hot, but i am told my sweating will decrease a bit as I get used to it, meanwhile, I have a couple of changes of clothing a day and at least 2 showers!!!!






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