A delayed Thanksgiving wish

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

I had two invitations, but unfortunately I only saw one. I went to Joanne and Paul’s on Sunday evening for a nice dinner there. On Tuesday, due to me having been quite ill with the flu on Monday, I found a note in my mailbox from Sue having invited me round there for Thanksgiving dinner on Monday! Ah well, I was so ill on Monday I wouldn’t have been able to make it.

I gave Sue a call to appologize and she insited on coming round to see to me. Joy found out I was ill also and gave me a call to see how I am. I’m much better now, as I’m up and about a little, though still with reduced energy and a rather painful chest cough. I went to the walk-in last night and they said if it’s still bad in 2 days, then to return as it may have become bacterial at that point.

Hopefully not.

Now I am quite far behind in my work due to losing 2 1/2 days of solid working time to me recovering. I will try to catch up… *sigh*

Hope you are all well!






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