Mid October already – it’s hard to believe that it is over 6 months since I started with this project here. There have been a few changes over that time; not least Trish joining me here, and now there has been a noticeable change in the weather (haven’t seen any rain for about a week and it seems cooler – hovering just below 30 during the days now).

We had our first visitors last week (yeah), with my brother Gordon from Scotland and his partner Ann who came all this way just for 5 days in Bangkok. We all had a great time while they were here, though they hit the ground running and went sight seeing and shopping every day (till they dropped, so to speak). Also had lots of meals out and drank plenty of beer! It was great to have visitors, and was a perfect excuse for us to go do some sightseeing too. No doubt many of you will get the picture of Trish, with a friend’s daughter, riding on an elephant. Very funny!

Things are settling down even more at work now, and despite Trish moaning about me coming home late some evenings, I am managing to get home at a reasonable hour a good part of the time. The traffic here doesn’t help of course, as some days it can take 45 mins to do the otherwise 15 min journey. Anyway, on the work front we are making progress, and the construction work, building rooms for our equipment at some of the stations, started this last week. Meanwhile we had a training seminar for the customer, 2 days away at a golf resort (for training purposes?); and we have now arranged trips for the customer to visit Spain and Sweden before Christmas to visit some of the factories that manufacture our stuff. My project manager will go with them to Spain, and I will piggy-back on their trip to Sweden for my Christmas break in the UK. It’s a lousy job, but someone has to do it eh?

Tonight we are going to the Canadian / Thai community Thanksgiving ball.

Next week is a long w/e here, and Trish and I are planning 2 days in Hua Hin. That’s a coastal resort town south of here. Will tell about those later.

Presently Trish is out shopping – I’m nervous as hell sitting here waiting to see how much she’s spent.






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