I have discovered strange places were one sweats, like the top of the feet and the ears. I have never sweated here before so I must never have been this hot before!

Actually, the heat seems to be easing a little, it isn’t as humid. The rainy season officially ceases at the end of October, but already it hasn’t rained for a few days and we have fewer clouds and more sun. The Emerald Buddha has his change of clothes soon (the King changes them each season), and the “cold” season is coming up in November. Remember “cold” is relative, it may be 29c instead of 33c!

We had our first Thai lesson last Wed. – that was interesting! You may know that I am not a very good singer due to being tone deaf. Well, Thai is a tonal language which means its words are spoken in rising tones, lowering tones or high tones. Therefore, it is quite amusing for others to watch me trying to achieve these nuances by standing up, shrinking into the chair and raising my eyes to heaven! Still I seem unable to get it right! Ah well, we shall persevere. Five of us are learning Thai and three of them are Swedish.

I now have clothes! The dressmaker I have been to has made me 3 pairs of 3/4 length pants and 2 blouses. I feel decent again. I have left more material with her for more clothes.






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