Melbourne Cup- Horse Race

Today I went to a brunch put on by the ladies of the Australian and New Zealand Women’s Group. It is held each year to coincide with the running of the horse race in Australia. It started at 9am, and I left at 3:45pm.

When I arrived at 9:30am, I placed bets by paying 50, 100 or 500Bts and received a ticket with a horse’s name on it. A big screen T.V. showed the actual race when it took place in Australia. I also bought raffle tickets. I was to discover later that I didn’t win anything but the money went to a good cause, namely Cleft Palate surgery for babies and children in Thailand.

I had my photo taken, with my hat on, as one of the requisites for attending. It was an amazing event, there must have been about 200 women and maybe 30 men. The champagne flowed from 9am until 2:30pm and beyond. We all had a ball – drunken women are fun and know how to party! We danced on the stage and around the room. As well as the fancy hats, people dressed in themed outfits and prizes were awarded for the best and most outlandish.

I met two lovely women and hope to have lunch with them next week. When I got home at about 4:30pm I went to sleep and now feel great. Champagne is definitely the drink I would choose everytime. Cheers!






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