Food! I am healthy now. Maybe.

As a result of my long and rather severe illness a few weeks ago, caused by what I believe to be was a weakened immune system from not eating properly and not getting enough sleep, I have resolved to eat properly and get enough sleep.

Thus, two weeks ago I purchased a box of clementines that has resulted in being the most sour box of clementines I have ever eaten in my entire life. I do believe I purchased them just a little too early for them to be in proper season, and therefore caught them in a pre-ripe stage. Now they are turning a darker orange, but I fear that is more from going bad than actual ripening.

I was also eating an apple a day for a while. You know, to keep the doctor away? Yes, well, it seems there are more types of apples that result in mush-coated mouth than don’t. I have, however, found a type of apple that one can actually bite into, of a reasonable size, is sweet and graceful in one’s mouth (it does not leave that nasty mush-coating smeared all over the skin in your mouth).

I get sick of apples oh so easily, however. So for now, I’m eating a face-smooshingly sour clementine or two every day.

Also, I finally bit the oregano leaf and started making Greek lettuce salads for myself at home. I had been waiting for the perfect recipe – for someone from the Falafel Hut at York University to read my mind and announce to me the particulars of how they make the Greek lettuce salads that accompany their delicious Chicken Souvlaki Dinners. However, it never happened, and I finally got sick of waiting. I had an idea of the basic ingredients: lettuce (duh!), feta cheese, olive oil, lemon juice and oregano. I purchased the items I needed and have been eating a Greek lettuce salad (almost) every day ever since. I’m just finishing up my second head of lettuce in two weeks today. Very good for someone who hadn’t eaten a proper salad (except from the Falafel Hut) in a good year, I must say!

I’ve been a bit bad lately, however, as I’ve been downing Dr. Pepper like there’s no tomorrow – or, just like I haven’t been getting enough sleep. Even though I have.

I’m in a state of mind that reinfoces a belief that the stuff actually helps me concentrate. In fact, after having four cans of the stuff today, I’ve done more work than I did in the past two days when I only had one or two. I’m still eating healthy though!

Don’t worry, this state of pop-downing will be over soon, just as soon as my projects are done. And now I must return to those very projects and abolish them as firmly and as quickly as possible.

Yeah, right.






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