I keep trying to give my blog a title but it doesn’t seem to want to accept it!

Seems my last blog amused some of you, thanks for all the comments. For those that still don’t know if you click on “comments” at the end of the blog you can leave a note of what you think etc. And yes, we do read them and sometimes reply to them!

Lots has been happening since my little excursion into the world of Champaign and horses!!!

Went to see The Vienna Boys Choir, here in Bangkok. They had sweet, sweet voices – boys’ voices really are so pure and they performed well. Also have been to see Don Giovanni performed by the Bangkok Opera Co. It was a modern setting but was very good, the voices were excellent and came from Thais, Americans and Singaporeans. It was sung in Italian with Thai and English subtitles (on screens set up on the side of the stage).

Also went with the Canadian Club on a bus trip to a Crystal Factory Outlet, where lots of goods and money changed hands, and even I bought some stuff. It’s not as good as the china factory though.

We stopped in Pattaya on the way back. This is now a beach resort made so by the American service men who came there for R&R during the late 60’s/early 70’s. It has turned into a den of iniquity for some; for others a place to pursue water sports and diving. I found it, during the day, a cross between Blackpool and one of the Spanish beach areas made popular by the British – a bit trashy. It has a lot of street children and a Redemptorist Priest by the name of Father Ray set up an orphange and disabled school there.

Today I am going to learn how to make a “Krathong” (Banana Leaf Cup), which on Sat. evening will be floated, together with others, in the swimming pool with a candle in it to help celebrate the Loy Krathong Festival.This festival is officially celebrated on the first full moon in November (26th) and is to honour the water spirits and wash away the previous year’s sins.






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