Loy Kratong Festival

As I was saying in my last blog (the title works now, thanks Christina), we had a party around the pool on Sat night to celebrate the above festival a week early. We had lots of food and drink and Thai dancing all free. A very good evening we floated our Kratongs on the pool after lighting the candle and incense and thus are sins, bad Karma, bad luck, whatever went away. After the party finished downstairs we had a few people back to the apartment for an impromptu party here. It was fun even though Dave was restricted to drinking water!!!!!

Last night we went to THE hotel in Bangkok to meet an ex-work colleague of Dave’s and her husband with another work colleague of Dave’s. The hotel is on the bank of the Chao Phraya river and we had a meal in the outdoor restaurant right on the side of the river. As luck would have it we were able to see the boat parade which is taking place all this week for the Festival. Lots of boats have been strung with many colored lights in a variety of themes and it was quite spectacular reminding me a little of the Blackpool illuminations only reversed (the lights move while we stay still). The climax of the event happens tomorrow night, the full moon, when everyone will be around and on the river floating their Kratongs. Part of the festival is to give thanks to the water spirits and to make amends for abusing the water over the year.

We will not be here for it because we are going to the beach but I am sure it will be celebrated there too.






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