Winter in December?

I’m almost done this semester. Just one more project to hand in (which I’m having a serious amount of trouble concentrating on today), and I’m done!

The work I produced this semester wasn’t as fulfilling as I’d hoped it would be. First semester is always like that though – for the first half, I’m still in “summer” mode, then the second half I have to catch up. It’s never been quite so bad as this year though, since I got sick and literally couldn’t work for two weeks.

The snow today has been beautiful. Apart from the driving, that is. It was absolutely gorgeous walking through it this morning, kind of warm. The wind stopped for a bit as I walked between two buildings to my class, so that the thick flakes settled on me slowly instead of whipping in my face. The air smelled refreshing.

I wish I had time to go snowboarding before I leave for England, but I don’t think I will. There’s too many things I have to do, and I promised I’d go into work next Monday and Tuesday (first time in about two and a half weeks).

I suppose I’ll get back to trying to concentrate.






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