I am back in “Merry” England for the Christmas season. I arrived on these familiar shores at 8pm on 1st December. It was strangely familiar returning to the house considering we have lived in it just 2 years.

All was well – even the dreaded spiders had been vanquished by the cleaners in preparation for my return!

The next day I went to the local farmer’s market to get stuff in for Christmas and have a good old nose around. I really enjoyed poking about in the little shops. It is good to be back and I am enjoying the cool weather, although not the lack of sun. I am also enjoying my wardrobe, I find that I can get into clothes I couldn’t wear last year! Might I have lost some weight? I think so! Anyway, I now have lots of clothes to choose from, always good to have a change.

I am trying to keep those extra pounds off, so am walking and going to aqua fit and doing my ball exercises, at least until the family arrives on Wednesday.

Mum and Dad are coming first during the day, I hope, if Dad doesn’t take the wrong turning again on the motorway!!! Christina is arriving in the evening about 10pm.

Also on Wed. evening Mum and I are going to the W.I. Christmas party before we pick up Christina.

Dave arrives on Friday in the evening.

I have had 2 weeks here preparing for everyone’s return and believe me I needed it! I have put one tree up – that took a while with all the lights and everything. Then I put outside lights up, not too many but enough so it looks festive. I have ordered a real tree which we will put up together. I also cooked and cleaned, a little, and made all the beds up. I have enjoyed it as always. I do enjoy not being hot, hot, hot!

The birds are slowly returning to the garden which is lovely to see.

Gerard and Kay are also coming for Christmas, they arrive on the 24th and leave on the 26th.

More later…






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