Everything is going by in such a whirl. Every time I blink, a month passes.

As soon as I was done school, it was a hectic few days spending time with the new beau, cleaning a bit, and buying things for my parents before heading off for England for two weeks.

I think the time away was good for me – a nice, slower pace for me to catch up on sleep and various internet things I enjoyed doing before school started.

I enjoyed seeing my family, and even got to see some of dad’s side of the family. I went to Camden Town with dad, which was lots of fun, as was all the shopping I did.

Christmas day was the typical “nice”, got more fun as we all got more drunk! 🙂

Got to go on lots of nice little walks around the village where my parents live, just enjoying the cool British air and listening to my music.

When I came home, everything went all whirly again. I was busy every second, barely sleeping but having loads of fun, until yesterday when I got home from my first day of school starting again. Then I slept… for a good 12 hours or so.

New Year’s was all right. It was a smaller party this year. New Year’s day was nice, spent having coffee, playing games at an internet cafe, making dinner with the beau and just relaxing.

Now I’m at school again now… let’s hope I don’t get severely ill this semester!






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