Still in England – Happy New Year!!!

What a wonderful Christmas and New Year!

Everyone arrived safely, The WI Christmas Party was fun! We also went to a Pantomime, Mother Goose. My Dad left his hearing aid at home but we borrowed one from the theater so he was able to hear. It was a good laugh!

It is taking me a little time to get used to this “English” keyboard, I am “blogging” in the local library as we have no computer at Clares Green now. The keyboard is English, as opposed to mine which is Canadian, so some of the punctuation marks are in a different place – bit confusing!

It was great to see Christina and catch up on her news, she is fine and happy. Mum and Christina both had a massage, a gift for Mum’s birthday. Apparently they were great and very like the ones in Thailand.

Linda joined us for Christmas dinner which was enjoyed by all.

It was good to see everyone at church again, Midnight mass was good, Dave and I each did a little reading during the carols before mass.

Gerard and Kay got up early to go jogging on Christmas morning before Mum played Mother Christmas and handed round all the gifts.

Boxing day news was devastating with the terrible tsunami which traumatized the coasts around the Western Indian Ocean. Thailand was one of the affected places with many tourists, as well as locals, dead. No one we know was involved, thank God. If we had not been in England it is possible we would have been down there. When I return I want to get involved in some volunteer work, perhaps to do with the renewal of that area.






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