Past, present and future

I just had my reading week last week, which included a lovely Valentine’s day and meeting up with my childhood friend, Adrienne! We haven’t seen each other in… 10 or 11 years. She is living in Waterloo with her boyfriend who also went to my junior high school, and I found out that someone else from there is also living in Waterloo now.

Her, my boyfriend and I had lunch at a Chinese restaurant on King St. – Crystal Palace I think it was called. The food was delicious and abundant, so I we got to take some home.

Currently, I have big plans for after graduation. I’m going to Thailand for a month and a bit to visit my parents, starting in April. I come back in June with my mom, then Nanna comes a few days later and dad will arrive after that. They’ll be here for my convocation. We’ll also be trying to meet up with some of my American family for a bit in there.

In July, I’m aiming to go to Germany for a few months to work. I’m not sure – I have to learn the language while I finish up school, and while I’m in Thailand. But hopefully it’ll work out!

So, busy busy. My projects are all piling up and I’m just working through them as well as I can. Take care.






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