March – ing along

So we had a plan to go away every month, and it didn’t come off.
Because I went to Paris worth my customer for a week we never made it to the beach here in TH.
Boy did I miss that.
Trish was not so bad about it, as we had had a friend here for all the time that I was away (actually an old friend and work colleague of mine – only vaguely known to Trish). They did lots together, in my absence.
However, on with my story about w/e’s away – I am REALLY stressed out about not dipping my toes in the 80+ sea in February. But we will make it up in March, and then later, after Christina arrives in April.

Meanwhile – Trish is now in Hospital with fluid on the lungs, and I am at home on saturday night wondering what the hell this life is all about (but getting drunk of course). Trish is not critical; so don’t worry ’bout her please. They have confirmed that there is nothing about this fluid escapade that is life threatening; and she gets a few days in a hotel like hospital while they sort it out – though drink free w/e’s can’t be too exciting for her.

One problem with TH!
The regular beer is 6% alcohol.
Many beers are 6.4 – 6.5%.
Light beer is 5% (for those who need to compare, Uk beer is typically 3.4 – 3.8% and Cdn beer is 5% with light beer at 4%).
The upshot of that is that when drinking beer people end up sloshed (not me of course? – hic!).
Actually I wish I could find a light beer. Not only could I stay sober longer but I could lose even more weight (yes, I said even more – I have lost 1/2 a kilo and would like to keep going in that direction).

Anyway – onwards and upwards.
We have a w/e away at the beach planned for 18 of March.
We have a week at the Andaman beaches planned for mid May (yes – Tsunami land – and things are apparently really good, not many people / tourists yet, and lots of deals).
We also have a 2 day pre-paid holiday at another gulf of Thailand resort
which we plan to use while Christina is here.

Hope it all works out – who knows?

Tough life eh?






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