Hospital Adventure!!!!!!!

What an interesting 2 weeks I have had here in the land smiles!!!

It all started with a little cold which ended up going to my lung and causing pleurisy. When this happened I decided to see a Dr. as this problem has occurred before and I knew my left lung was susceptible to fluid build up.

When you see a doctor here, you choose where you want to go, and it must be a hospital as that is where all the doctors practice. I chose Bumrungrad Hospital (check out the website) because it has a good reputation and is internationally recognized, as well as being American-run. I guess I had an idea I might have to go into the hospital to stay.

I got to see a chest doctor who sent me for an X-ray and 2 hrs later, when I went back to see him, he showed me the fluid was back in my lung. He gave me some antibiotics and made an appointment for me to have a CT scan on the Thurs. I had the CT scan at 10am and went to see what my results were 2 hrs later. I was told they would like to take me into hospital and try and drain this fluid by inserting a tube into my left side and draining it out; as a result of that, I have had this pet “thing” to cart around with me for 15 days so far!!!!!

That procedure was okay but the fluid wasn’t draining very quickly and, after some discussion, the surgeon and I decided that an operation would be the best thing to confirm exactly what was going on, as there appeared to be a cyst in my lung which was covered with fluid.

This operation was a bigger one and was supposed to take 2 hrs, but in the end took 4. They removed a lobe from my left lung (most people have 2 on the left side). It had been in a mess and was stuck together, as well as having a cyst, so I am well rid of it. I had this operation last Fri. and now 9 days later, I am still in hospital. It took a while to recover from the op and I still have this drain causing me a lot of pain, especially at night. I hope to be rid of it in the next day or two as I really want to be home for Easter!!!!! I have never been in hospital for so long – since I was in my mother’s womb!!!!!!

Keep up the prayers.






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