Swimmin’ in the rain

This is Easter weekend, and the last couple of days I have taken my morning swim in the rain. It was great, not least because we have seen no rain since last October and the majority of the country is in a severe drought. The swims were terrific though as the rain was fair sized drops, but not lots of it. The drops were large enough to feel like fairies flitting around your head, and swimming along the drops were producing plop bounce-backs of about 1 inch, and were about 10 in every square yard or so on a continuous basis. This is a really interesting effect at the level of the water. No sun of course, but still 85 degrees, so a very pleasant way to start the day.
Trish is home from the hospital now, after 3 weeks (short 1 day) in there in the end, they took out about 1/3rd of the left lung, by all accounts. She’s been pretty whacked since she came home, but we are both glad that she is out. She is getting better by leaps and bounds every day now.
This w/e, as I said, is Easter. It’s not much like Easter here, as it is not a local celebration of course. We have tried to carry on regardless, and I took Good Friday off as vacation and we have been to Church today and had a roast of lamb into the bargain. Easter eggs were hard to find, but I did finally manage to find some semblance of the bunny thing stuff so all in all we carried on the tradition. The only thing really missing was the friends / family around the table – we certainly missed everyone. We could have gone out; several places were having an Easter brunch, but Trish was too tired after the trip to the church, as we had guessed she would be.
Now we have to try to get things moving again in a more normal sense. April is a busy month here, with a holiday in the first week, then the 3 day new year celebration of Songkran in the middle of the month which is reputed to be the big party of the year. I was back in the UK for this last year, but I do remember the papers saying that the police were cracking down last year in an attempt to get the numbers of drunk driving deaths down below the previous year’s 750 over the holiday period! Mmmmmmm – think about that! A week after Songkran we have Christina coming for 6+ weeks (possibly with a school friend) and we’re looking forward to that very much.
Meanwhile there’s work, and work as well, of course; and rainy season starts in May.
I will have been coming here for 1 year on 4th April – amazing how the time flies eh?






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