News from Bangkok

I got home for Easter!
The time is flying by and so much is happening. I have been home for 3 weeks now and am making huge progress. The hole in my side is still healing and now I have to work on my fitness level, but otherwise all is well. Your prayers and good wished helped I know.

We had a quiet Easter, not least because it isn’t celebrated in Thailand, but we went to church and Dave managed to find a couple of Easter eggs as well as a leg of lamb which was delicious. We missed family and friends though.

The weather is really hot now, even the Thais are complaining, it is well in the 90’sF every day and only goes to about 86F at night.

Songkran Festival is happening this week. It is a big celebration in Thailand were everyone trys to visit family, it is Thai New Year as well and involves water. Something to do with new life, but it is an excuse for everyone to throw water at each other so if we go out over the next few days we have been advised to protect cell phones etc. with plastic bags!

The Pope’s passing was not unexpected, he was suffering so much at the end. CNN had great coverage all week of the mourners and of the funeral, so many people. He was greatly respected and loved.

Also watched the wedding (CNN again) not sure what I think other than good luck to them and is William going bald?!!!!

Really looking forward to Christina’s visit on the 24th April for 6 weeks. It is hard to beleive that she has actually finished school now!!!!!!






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