The best New Year’s Present

Finally, the time has come that our baby will join us in Bangkok.
It’s impossible to say how excited we both are.
The only problem is that it’s still 48 hours away.
However, ignoring time zones, she leaves tomorrow morning (just minutes away now from where we are) and the she’s here just the next day (albeit the end of it).

Christina will be here for 6 weeks, and we have a very full program planned. A couple of visits to the Islands; a visit to the River Kwai (yepper – that Bridge);
All the temples, Elephant rides, Thai Dancing and the Canadian club Spring Ball (eat your hearts out), amongst other things.

They are taking the P . . . . out of me at work over my excitement, of course.
Who cares.

Roll on Sunday evening

PS: Went to see Vanessa May – fabulous violinist, 1/2 Thai and 1/2 Chinese, but a veritable dynamo on stage. Check her out if you get chance.






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