Canada trip

Hi, guys! Anyone that still reads this.

I just got back from 6 weeks in Canada. Wow! I had a great time.
Dave was over for 2 weeks during which time we cleaned and fixed the car and C.’s house. My Mum arrived after 1 week, in time for Christina’s Graduation Ceremony on 14th June. A very proud moment for us all, Christina did really well and is now a Batchelor of Design (Honours).
We then went down to Fort Wayne,Indiana for a family reunion with Mum’s sister, Bernadette, over from Seattle with her husband, Joseph; and a lot of their family. It was a flying visit, less than 24 hrs, but everyone enjoyed it. Dave had to leave for Bangkok on the 18th June in order to keep the money flowing!!!!!

Mum and I then hit the road!
Traveling, first to Ottawa where we stayed with Karen and Mike, who made us very comfortable; it was lovely to see all the little kids they baby sit. We visited friends, Sue and Brian, Bonnie, Janet, David and Elena to name a few. Everyone welcomed us both and we had some good times catching up with all their news.
After four days we set off for Montreal where Jean made us very welcome. We spent 24th June, Jean Baptist (Fete National), on the West Island and had a good time in Beaconsfield park down by the lake, later, walking along by the canal in St. Anne de Bellevue. Denise and Philip and Kirsten and Nicholas and I went to watch the fireworks in the evening in Pierrefonds, they were good. Jean is still enjoying cooking and she made some delicious muffins while we were there as well as numerous meals. Again saw old friends among them Betty and John who gave us a delicious BBQ. After a week away we set off back to Toronto and took Denise’s advice of traveling along the 1,000 Island Parkway. It was a beautiful drive and I got the cheapest gas of the whole trip in Gananoque!!!! Mum enjoyed it too. Dave and I have discussed retiring to that area and I think I will think seriously about it since that drive.

More on Canada later.






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