More news of Canadian holiday

After we returned from our trip to Ottawa and Montreal. I decided to take Mum to the Royal Ontario museum in downtown Toronto for a days sightseeing, we set off and after a failed attempt to get into the Kennedy Road subway carpark we found the next one along (minor miracle as my sense of direction is nil but I used a new map I bought for the occasion!)
On arriving at the ROM I put Mum in the queue to get in and went to borrow a wheelchair as Mum had already walked miles (her back was starting to hurt) and I didn’t think we would see much of the museum if she didn’t at least have the option. Mum sat in the chair and I wheeled her up to pay our entrance, we were very pleasantly surprised to be told we could both get in for free as Mum was in the chair and I was needed to push her. We then spent a pleasant few hours browsing, around the museum. They are doing major renovations as in building a new wing so some of it was closed off but it was still good. We checked out the Roman stuff because while in Ottawa we had gone to see the Pompeii temporary exhibit in the Museum of Civilization in Hull. It was really interesting, now I want to go to Pompeii!!!!

We were invited to stay a few days at Joy’s house and we spent Canada Day there. We had a wonderful BBQ in the backyard and lots of friends and family came. It was great to see everyone and they all loved Mum. The weather was perfect in that it wasn’t too hot to sit outside in the day but in the evening we had to go because it got cold!!!!!

Then it was time for Mum to go back to UK. I missed her we had a great time and some laughs, especially the night we bumped into each other in the dark. Mum had been to the lavatory and I thought she had got back into bed so I was on my way when we hit each other in the middle of the bedroom this caused Mum to cry out which in turn got Christina out of bed to come and see what was happening she walked in on two older women giggling like mad and trying not to make a noise in case we woke Christina. She must have thought we were mad, it took ages for us to stop laughing!!!!

I held a garage sale the last w/e I was in Toronto and got rid of some of the “stuff” Christina had accumulated and been given when we left Canada. Made a few dollars and got rid of lots, even if we had to go to the Goodwill with lots of left overs.

I went back to Joanne’s for the last few days to stay and help her out a little after her operation. Paul was away on a shoot in the Arctic (lovely 24hr daylight and lots of mosquitoes!!)

Did I mention Christina has a job? Also we have had 4 offers for the house to date, 3 have fallen through, the final one looks good we should know if it is going through by next week.






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