August already

Trish has now been back from Canada for 2 weeks, and me for about 6. It seems like I never went away.
Last w/e was Budhist Lent start (Farang Terminology). A long w/e thankfully and a fairly quiet one for us as it was Tricia’s first w/e back, so we stayed in town here.
Budhist lent lasts for 3 months, and is a time when all monks retreat into their Wat and spend the time meditating, fasting, etc.. Generally the more serious Budhists outside give up alcohol (though many don’t drink anyway) and other things for this period, and also practise some sort of fasting. That’s why we term it “Lent” I guess. It was very quiet in BKK last w/e though as many places were closed, and a lot of people were away with families out of the City. We went to a couple of places we hadn’t been before, and generally relaxed.
Our apartment building has been almost empty for this last month. Many of the residents, being Farangs, have gone “home” or off on their summer holidays as the international schools here follow the break periods of the nations they represent. The Thai kids are all back in school though. They seem to be off in the May time frame.
This week has been busy as our Swedish friends have been preparing to leave. The guy (Lars) has gone on holiday to Sweden for 3 weeks now, and his wife and girls have gone home for good – and we were trying to cram as much time together as we could before Eva leaves. We will miss her, especially Trish. I have also been to a funeral this week; my second now here in TH. A British guy who worked as a consultant for our customer (the Railway) died suddenly a week ago. 64 years old – no warning; just felt ill for a couple of days. Smoker though. He lived here for about 13 years, with only one visit to the UK about 10 years ago. He is being buried Thai style. 4 days laying in state, so to speak, at the Wat, then the cremation is today. That will be our afternoon spoken for. Tricia will come with me to that.
On top of that we went to a bar last night where they were holding free dancing classes, for the Salsa! I didn’t know my bones were meant to twist like that. Not bad though – not as sore today as I thought I might be. I’ll leave it to Tricia to tell more about that. Fun though.
I just had to renew my Visa and work permit. Hard to think that I have been here over a year now. Less than a year to go, in theory. Let’s see eh?






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